In order to know where you started and where your business is today, one must always have reporting and analytics to be able to refer back to. If you currently aren’t using any reporting and analytics, today is the day to start.

Firstly, if you don’t know much about reporting and analytics you might think the two terms are the same. However, they are very different and it’s important to know that they are. Reporting is essentially the data that is given to each individual customer and the actions they take. Our reporting will give you data based on let’s say how many times customers actually watch your videos, what pages are most popular on your website and so on. Our goal is to provide you with data that makes sense to you, because looking at data can be frustrating and complicated on occasion. Overnight Prints will provide you a clean look at your data and will explain what the data means to you and your company.

In order to make decisions with precision and accuracy you must understand what works and what does not. Overnight Prints delivers insight on what drives business decisions by extracting, aggregating, analyzing and disseminating information. Working with us will give you an in-depth look on what is happening with your company now and how to fix problems and make the necessary adjustments. In turn you will be able to make better management decisions and help drive key performance indicators throughout your business.

Now, analytics does not do the same job as reporting and it should never be referred to doing so. Analytics takes the data presented by the reporting and shows how customers are interacting with your website and content. This aspect dives into how your content is performing and what is working. It gives you detail about your content business, and shows how you can monetize your content. By letting Overnight Prints take care of all the reporting, we can decisively show and tell you what needs to be done and what changes should be happening in order to obtain more success.

As you can see reporting and analytics is not only a good marketing tactic to have it is a necessity. If you desire a company that will last and prevail, work with Overnight Prints and get the information you need to know to better understand your company.

If you’re interested in building a reporting and analytics regime for your company. Speak to a reporting specialist as soon as you are ready to start developing a reporting plan for your business. Feel free to always communicate with our specialists and receive weekly reports from our staff.