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  • What is partial coating (Spot UV)?

    What is partial coating (Spot UV)?

    Spot UV allows you to put Highgloss UV Coating on some parts of the cards while leaving other parts uncoated. For instance, you are able to apply glossy coating to a company logo, part of a picture or text and leave the rest of the card in a matte finish. This gives your card a special high quality outfit. Partial coating makes sense for:
    1. Text with an adequate font size or Logos with a diameter over 1cm.
    2. Partial Coating on a dark background.

    Partial coating needs to be defined for each side of a card, in form of an image file that only contains black and white. The black pixels correspond to coated regions. The Spot UV files have to be created according to our file specs (see File Help).

  • What type of paper is used?

    We are using a 350/300gsm card stock, satin matte coated on both sides to print our business cards, postcards and greeting cards. If a glossy coating is applied it will add a little bit of thickness. For our letterhead and envelopes we use a 100gsm wood free opaque paper. Brochures/Flyer are a 150g/m² Illustration Printing Paper that is coated on both sides. All products are printed on off-set or digital presses.

  • Why does my paper curl when I print on it?

    The paper is slightly wet due to the ink and water being applied during the printing process. It needs about 1-2 weeks to completely dry depending on humidity. In most cases it's usable out of the box, but in high humidity places it could take a few days.