Top Questions about Reordering

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  • How do I reorder cards?

    Below are the steps you will need to take to reorder your old cards:

    1. Log on to MY ORDERS located on the top right hand side of our website using your email address and old order number (if you do not know your old order number, you can obtain a list of you previous orders under the FIND MY ORDERS section on the MY ORDERS page. You will need to know the correct email address that that order was placed under.).

    2. Click "How to Reorder."

    3. Click "Reorder Now."

    4. Your card should be in the shopping cart at this time.

    a. If you want to change the order in any way (ie: quantity, background, writing, information, etc), and it is an order you created using online templates, click the little "edit" link next to the small preview of the card. This will allow you to edit the order. If it is an order you uploaded to our website, you will need to edit your original files and create a new order.

    b. If you want to add more products to the order, click "Add More Products" at the bottom left hand corner of the shopping cart.

    c. If everything is correct, and you do not need to change or add anything to the order, click "Continue Checkout" at the bottom right hand corner of the shopping cart.