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  • I have my files designed and saved as .DOC, what do I do now?

    If you create your artwork as a DOC file you will have to convert it into PDF before uploading it to the website. Use an appropriate program for this if you have one. Otherwise, please email your data to We will convert your data for you and send them back via email. You may now upload them to our website and place your order.

  • Am I able to save my design and then come back to it?

    To save a design created using the Classic Designer you will have to add the card to the Shopping Cart. Once in the Shopping Cart there is a link at the bottom of the page that says "Continue to Checkout". Now choose your method of payment, enter the shipping address and confirm by clicking on "Continue to Checkout". Your data has been saved. Please note down your order number.

    If you wish to continue editing your order, please log in on our website under "My Orders", entering your email address and your order number. Click on "Continue to checkout". You will now be directed to your shopping cart. There, you may finalize your cards by clicking on "Edit". When finished, proceed with your order.